Snow Monkeys bathing in and around the onsen


See How the Pros Monkey about in the Snow

Give your body a break from the powder-pounded runs of Myoko Kogen, or make the most of a Bad Weather Day by visiting the memorable Snow Monkeys of Jigokudani. Come along and witness the Macaque Monkeys as they relax in the natural hot spring baths and make themselves at home in the snow-dusted forest playground.

Tours From Nozawa Onsen

Guided Group Tour

Adult: ¥8,900
Youth (13~15 yrs): ¥5,900
Child (5~12 yrs): ¥4,900

Have an epic adventure with enthusiastic fellow adventures and see it all! This well versed group tour itinerary is hand stitched by locals.
Snow Monkeys bathing in the hot spring, three are huddled tightly

13:00 Departure from Nozawa Onsen
17:30 Return to Nozawa Onsen
(Iiyama Station Pickup and Drop off also available)

Private Group Tour

Van (up to 9 pax): ¥65,000
Commuter (up to 13 pax): ¥93,000
Minibus (up to 27 pax): ¥139,000

This custom-made flexible trip plan allows you to pursue your interests and gain access to an exclusive experience.

A solitary Snow Monkey bathing in the hot springs, looking directly at the camera

8:00 Departure from your chosen location
12:30 Return to your chosen location

Tours From Myoko Kogen

Private Group Tour

Van (up to 9 pax): ¥67,000
Commuter (up to 13 pax): ¥95,000


This custom-made flexible trip plan allows you to pursue your interests and gain access to an exclusive experience.

Many Snow Monkeys relaxing in the hot springs
A snowy image of the foot bath onsen in Shibu Onsen

Why Book with us?

The original Snow Monkey tour operator

Our tours have been helping vistors make the most of their ski holidays since 2010, our wealth of experience and knowledge sets us apart.

Guided tours

Our knowledgeable tour guides will answer any questions you may have on the tour, as well as provide insights into the history of the area.

Explore Shibu Onsen

Our tours include a visit to the historic onsen town of Shibu, serene and traditional even in contrast to Nozawa Onsen. Wild monkeys sometimes roam this area too, so keep an eye out!

"We had so much fun! My kids loved seeing the monkeys up close; it's all they've been talking about! We will definitely come back next year."
~ Alvin (2023)
"The guide was very knowledgable about the park, Shibu Onsen, and the surrounding area. I think I would have missed out on many cool experiences if I had gone by myself!"
~ Yoo-Jin (2019)
"A fantastic way to spend the afternoon. Got to see both nature and history in one trip. Thank you IXSM Travel Team!"
~ Jeanette (2022)


Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

On the Group Tour, you and our other guests will experience the tour together. We leave in the afternoon (13:00) and usually cannot take luggage with us. On the Private Tour, you will have the tour guide all to yourself! These tours also leave in the morning (up to you to decide the time), and you can bring your luggage with you. Tickets to the Monkey Park are not included with the Private Tour. There’s also a difference in pricing, with Group Tours being charged per person and Private Tours by group. 

The start time differs depending on the tour. Our Group Tour starts at 13:00. However, we ask all participants to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the tour for check-in.

Our Private Tours generally take place in the morning, but you can choose what time we leave! We recommend leaving around 8:00 or 8:30, as more monkeys will be in the onsen earlier.

The tour is around 4 1/2 hours, depending on the weather. We usually come back to Nozawaonsen around 17:30 for Group Tours, and 12:00 or 12:30 for Private Tours.

You can see the itinerary for Group Tours here and the itinerary for Private Tours here!  

The Group Tour price per person for adults (16 yrs and up) is ¥6,900, youths (13~15 yrs) are ¥5,900 and children (5~12yrs) are ¥4,900. Children ages 4 and under are free if they do not need their own seat on the bus.

On Private Tours, the cost for 1~4 people (regardless of age) is ¥33,000, and 5~9 people costs ¥49,000. The prices are not including entry tickets (Transfer only). Larger size of vehicles are available for more passengers, please contact us for a separate quote!

We recommend booking your tour as soon as possible in order to secure your seats. While we can sometimes accept bookings the day of, availability cannot be guaranteed.

The price for an adult to join the tour will be increasing to ¥7,900 on December 16th, so there’s even more reason to book as soon as possible!

You can book online here for Group Tours and here for Private Tours! 

For Group Tours, you have the choice of being picked up at either Nozawa Onsen Chuo Bus Terminal or Iiyama Station’s Madarao Exit. If you choose to be picked up at Chuo Bus Terminal, please meet us at our office at least 10 minutes before your tour time.

For Private Tours, we will pick you up at or near your hotel! You can provide your desired pickup location on the booking page

Have more questions? Check out our Chat Bot on the bottom right of your screen or contact us for more information!