A Ryokan in Shibu Onsen

The traditional onsen village of Shibu Onsen was once frequented by Samurai, poets and travellers alike; all looking to recharge and heal wearied or battle damaged bodies. Good fortune is said to come to those that bathe in each of the town’s Onsen.

This village is a picture from the past. As you stroll through the narrow streets lined with traditional buildings, some hundreds of years old, you might just get to see some wild monkeys as they wander through town looking for food. The behaviour of the wild monkeys is completely different to that of those at the Monkey Park, offering a unique snow monkey experience!

The streets are lined with traditional sweet shops, Japanese inns (Ryokan) and even a shooting gallery! Across the bridge from Shibu onsen is Tamamura Honten, a brewery which visitors may take a tour of. Selling a wide range of IPAs and sake, this could be the perfect spot to pick up a souvenir and have a memorable experience.

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